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Moko'a wooden panel collection, designed by Hungarian designers Zsolt Szabo and Zsolt Karajz are made with passion and hard work, aiming to provide the best and most innovative architectural works of art, using sculptured woodwork. Decades of heritage and experience lies behind the design and concept of these walls, making them optically pleasing, aesthetic and unique. Moko's three-dimensional panel design is made to transform private residence, offices and hotel rooms into artistic wonders, giving the sensation that the space itself is living and breathing, like the wood it was made of.


The first panel was made for a hospitality exhibition in Italy. It was organized to present solutions for hotels, their wooden wall panel was the most successful amongst them with its innovative and exceptional style and design.

Moko uses only the highest quality real wood veneer from Germany, having the European design attitude at designing and manufacturing wooden surfaces. Moko's team implements eco-friendly surface treatments only on certified wood veneers.

Bending the veneers requires a complex series of procedures, including the multilayer technology. Moko's panels are lightweight, despite the structural depth, weighting only 10 kilograms per the standard sized panel, which is 940x940 millimeters (37x37 inch).


The installation is a simple task; every set is uniquely created to fit easily on any wall type.

Every piece in the collection is named after well-known geographic places, which makes it easy to associate with them. These landmarks all have their own feeling to them, which these panels are made to represent.

Kalahari, named after the desert itself displays ridges, coming out of the surface, representing the sand dune. The color and shading of these panels create a mysterious touch to the wall, making them more pleasing to the eyes.

This majestic and graceful paneling with its many bends and curves represent the river Volga, flowing endlessly through the continent. These panels with riverbed like incisions are laid out in a fashion that brings harmony to the eyes of the beholder. Hollow spaces and flat areas represent how they cannot live without each other, it’s the harmony of nature.

Calais and Dover is the panel which has the most exciting inspiration behind it. The town Calais is on the narrowest point of the English Channel, just opposite to Dover. These panels make a separation of spaces, with a wide curve between them, representing the sea and the two town on the opposing shores. After a few imaginary twists and turns on these panels, we get a full circle, arriving unity, making Calais the art with the deepest meaning.

Moko's collection consists many more fascinating works of art made of wood like American walnut, white oak and stained anigre, which is an African hardwood commonly used for plywood, interior furniture, cabinetry, and high-end millwork applications.


The veneers can be ordered in different sizes, requested individually as the craftsmen are willing to shape their works according to the taste of the customer, crafting the most personalized masterworks that can be made.


Are you ready for a new and innovative personalized masterwork?