Kaza Concrete

Kaza Concrete

KAZA Concrete is an innovation focused fine-concrete design and manufacture company.

This fresh concept and manufacturing space encompasses smart concrete architectural and design element creations which elevate the material from its industrial origins.

The focus of our activity is the investigation of bespoke design and structural opportunities of exposed concrete through the intelligent exploitation of the material's new physical and aesthetic properties, utilizing its own logic to create new value in interior design.

Kaza Concrete offers individually designed, bespoke contemporary wall and floor cover tiles made of fine concrete that puts customization onto a completely different level in this market segment and opens new possibilities in interior design.

The founders of Kaza Concrete have developed a special, artistic technology that enables the creation of exceptional concrete tiles – also with patterns in 3D – as well as it provides a platform and meeting point for professionals and surface design enthusiasts to constantly add new tile designs to the Kaza Collection.