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Lea Ceramiche, the brand that is present in more than 80 countries all around the world by now, is one of the most prestigious and innovative ceramic tiles company in Modena, Italy.

Excellence, Innovation, Enthusiasm, Aesthetics, Competency and Reliability are the words and ideals the company proudly stands for. With creating floor and wall ceramics for in- and outdoor settings, Lea Ceramiche provides a well-rounded, diverse selection for their customers. One of the company’s principles is environmental protection.

Code showroom provides some perspective on the most popular design trends discovered among the Italian tile products of Lea Ceramiche.


Playing with the idea of modularity, Lea is designing fragmented patterns on square and rectangular tiles to produce large dynamic compositions.  By randomly mixing and matching geometric shapes, the tiles pop with vivid, kaleidoscopic effect. 

Nest decor offers an infinite variety of unusual geometric combinations that become patterns that enhance the creativity of the individual designer. The Nest decor is available on all the Slimtech colours.



Drawing inspiration from an age-old pattern, designers will love dressing up floors and walls with these eye-catching porcelains.  From rustic and painted wood looks to resin, brick and stone, Lea Ceramiche is producing herringbone tiles across all scales to create striking patterns that are easy to install.

Collections Type 32.

Type 32 by Diego Grandi is clever, innovative and adds a greater meaning to the word decoration, rewriting a new yet familiar language like the first four letters of the Greek alphabet: alpha, beta, gamma, and delta.

 “There is a story behind some of my projects. The ceramics, for example, of the Mauk series are inspired by the work of Escher (Mauk was the artist’s nickname)”.

Also working with SLIMTECH, the product is made by two layers, one that gives a wood-like look and effect to the tiles, and one that gives the tile its decoration, patterns. The combination of several slats creates the typical zig-zag effect reminiscent of traditional French Herringbone floors.

This original and extremely versatile product is available in 2 shades, overlapping 4 different colors and 4 different graphics that is 32 combination, which is the reason why it is called Type 32.


The idea to make a material look like wood is not only creative, but also has a very environment friendly approach to it, which the company is known for.


Lea Ceramiche has endless variations on the most basic and powerful element of design: the line. 

Thick and thin, vertical and horizontal, straight and intersecting, flat and three dimensional, linear designs are definitely in vogue with the ability to add depth, movement or focus to a room.

Notable designer collections with a linear bent include: Patrick Norguet’s second tile collection for Lea Ceramiche’s Slimtech line, reminiscent of carefully drawn pencil lines.

The Line collection products have a three-dimensional line effect, shaping a whole landscape, while the Wave collection – like its name suggests – depicts wave-like optical effects on the surface, making them look like the wall is moving.


Despite the colour’s recent meteoric rise in popular culture, grey has always been a modern designer’s best friend. 

And this year an entire spectrum can be found in the latest Lea Ceramiche tile introductions, from cooler slate tones to that perfect portmanteau of grey and beige.

SLIMTECH Re-evolution designed by Reed Harris is the newest creative expansion of the 3mm laminated porcelain in sizes as large as 1000 x 3000 mm (40 x 118”), now presented in a new texture that recalls the appearance of resin. The result of an advanced technology, Re-evolution is the only ceramic slab obtained by a precise combination of mixture and colored glasses that, fired in kilns at 2190 °F, offer a perfectly planar surface. Before they are baked, the panels are polished. This procedure gives them a silk-like texture.


With continuously evolving technologies, Lea Ceramiche is able to create ceramic tiles with three dimensional folds, wavy ridges, raised geometry and asymmetrical profiles.  Fitting these tiles together creates a three dimensional wall with a seamless sculpted surface that naturally draws the eye.

Mauk, which is the result of the creativity of Diego Grandi, is the new series of decorations of the Slimtech Basaltina Stone Project collection. The original slab, proposed in the large 118.11’’x 39.37’’ (1000 x 3000 mm) format and only 0.12’’ (3,5 mm) thick, is broken into pieces and has a 3D appearance thanks to the visual effect of the repetition of the modules laid.

Goccia tiles were created in 2012, from a collaboration between Kravitz Design Inc. and Lea Ceramiche.  A new wall tile collection with a three dimensional decoration style, transforming the walls themselves into art.

Different tiles create different three dimensional shapes, making the whole surface a grand piece of three dimensional masterwork with the colors black, and white, playing with concave and convex shapes. This unusual texture introduces a non-conventional use of ceramic material, stepping back from the traditional environment, which has been bathroom and kitchen.


Tiles continue to get bigger every year, bringing a torrent of new design possibilities.  Thin, large porcelain slabs – which can be used to cover all manner of surfaces including worktops and furnishings – are now available in sizes up to 1000 x3000 mm.

Wood-look tiles are being produced in formats as large as 1000 by 3000 mm and thickness is coming in 3,5, 5 and 5 mm for high traffic outdoor flooring.

Life aquatic
Conjuring images of Mediterranean life, this marine palette of greens and blues is perfect for a pop of colour!  From large-format and modern surface effects to more traditional shapes and motifs, these cool colours are bringing a coastal vibe to the interior. Collections included Lea Ceramiche’s Bio Recover.


LEALAB is also worth to mention. It is a unique collection of Slimtech slabs, which can be made by the customers themselves. A high resolution picture can be printed on our 300x100 centimeter panels. These product are custom priced.